Burnbar Tips

  1. To ripen an avocado place it on the top of the refrigerator if you have room. The motor in the back of the refrigerator gives off heat which is constant at about 20 degrees. To stop the avocado from rolling around place them on an egg carton, then they wont fall down the back.
  2. Don’t buy avocados that are too dark in colour as they have probably been gassed to make them ripe.
  3. Only buy avocados that are bright green in colour.
  4. Buy fruit and vegetables that are in season, don’t rely on imports as they may have chemical residue.
  5. Don’t place your avocados in a refrigerator until they are nearly ripe, and only place them in the crisper at the bottom.
  6. If you have half an avocado left over leave the seed in, sprinkle a little lemon juice over and wrap up tight with plastic wrap or place in an air tight container.