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Fruit We Grow

With hand-picked and hand-packaged goods, our orchard produces a variety of mouth-watering sub-tropical fruit.

  • Avocados

    Burnbar Fruit produces three delicious varieties of avocado: Fuerte, Hass, and Lamb Hass.


    The Fuerte is a large pear-shaped avocado with a smooth pale-green flesh inside. Feurte’s are not as common commercially as their skin is very thin, meaning long periods of storage are not ideal as they can bruise easily.


    The Hass is the most popular Avocado in Australia and more than likely the one you walk past at the supermarket. Boasting a thicker skin and a buttery flavour, you can’t go wrong with Hass.

    Lamb Hass

    Larger than a traditional Hass avocado, the Lamb Hass takes longer to mature and will often adopt the colour of black during the ripening process. The Lamb Hass variety of avocados have proven to be incredibly popular with Canberra residents.

  • Custard Apples

    Tropical and delicious—custard apple’s may pose as an unusual sight, but the flavour proves irresistible.

    Not only are custard apples mouth-wateringly sweet and juicy, they are also high in nutrients and anti-oxidants!

    Needless to say, this succulent fruit can make a great addition to any salad this summer. The two varieties we produce are:

    Pinks Mammoth

    A large, very sweet, piece of fruit that can grow up to 3kg in weight. The Pinks Mammoth will conjure a yellow-pink colouring between the ridges of the bumps when mature.

    African Pride

    African Pride is the smaller variety of the two, usually growing between 500g–800g, and will generally have a higher number of seeds present compared to the Pinks Mammoth.

    Custard Apple
  • Passionfruit

    Fresh passionfruit pulp has an aromatic sweet and sour taste with an inherent ability to be eaten on its own or used as an addition to salads, desserts and sauces.

  • Tahitian Limes

    Ideal for cooking as well as refreshing drinks, Tahitian limes are delectably juicy and do not contain seeds.

    Tahitian Limes
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