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About Burnbar

For the past 17 years, Andrew and Belinda Burnet have personally assured that all their fruit is hand-picked, hand-packaged, and more often than not, hand-delivered!

Burnbar Fruit is a family owned, deliciously tasty, fruit orchard on the far north coast of NSW.

Burnbar Fruit is a family owned, deliciously ripe, fruit orchard on the far north coast of NSW. Established in 2000, Burnbar Fruit began nurturing custard apples and avocados, honing their orchard, before selling their produce through Sydney and Canberra Farmer’s Markets in 2004.

Situated in Alstonville Plateau, Northern NSW, Burnbar Fruit’s location exemplifies a sub-tropical climate. The combination of height above sea level (140m), average temperature (24.5), average rainfall (1.8m), and rich volcanic soil all contribute to the tropical fruit’s final flavour.

Biologically Active

Having both completed biological farming certificates, Andrew and Belinda believe in promoting sustainable and environmentally-friendly practices within their industry.

Burnbar’s philosophy is that healthy, biologically active soil provides the best defence against pests, disease and climate change. Biology is the driving force behind our soils system and has witnessed the birth of Burnbar’s own mulching program.

These biological techniques ensure the orchard continues to produce fruit that is flavoursome, maintains good shelf life, and is not prone to disease.

Our motto:
Healthy Soil -> Healthy Tree -> Healthy Food -> Healthy Life

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